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For tropical climates, flies are abundant and such a bane for many businesses and organizations. From retail to manufacturing, flies spread diseases, bacteria and contamination that cause food poisoning and loss of revenue. Flies are pesky and constant in abundance, therefore requires some method of control.


Identifying the need of a good product that controls flying insects in pest control, thus Kumpulan Angkat was formed specializing in Flying Insect Control management. Today, Kumpulan Angkat is the frontrunner and top producer of Flying Insect Killer an Fly Trap in Malaysia with a history established since 1984.


Through many research and development, incorporated with our Technical Advisors from USA and Japan, we developed the ideal range of products that is dynamic and durable for today’s market. We are delighted that our products are industrially proven with reputable clientele in Malaysia nationwide, and as well as international.


Besides Flying Insect Control equipment, Kumpulan Angkat also carries the following products and services to add in its portfolio:


• Commercial Air Sterilizers
• Convex and Dome Safety Mirrors
• PVC Strip Curtains
• Industrial and Hygiene Floor Mats
• Knife Sterilizers
• Safety Equipments
• Building Facilities Euipments
• Cleaning Tools
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Numbers speak for themselves!

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Certified Products

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We deal with various quality organic products!

  • Fresh fruits

  • Dry fruits

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Dried vegetables

  • Dried vegetables

  • Beauty products

  • Milk products

  • Organic honey

  • Organic tea